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Crunch Auditing is a modern audit firm that combines cutting edge technology, innovative minds and solid experience to deliver a superior audit service.

We understand that no two audits are alike which is why we take a personal approach in understanding your specific requirements.

Crunch Auditing has considerable experience in:

Director, Michael Cooper, has worked hard over the last 8 years to position himself as the auditor who can where others cannot. He has a personal belief that modern processes and technologies have opened up opportunities to do what was thought impractical until now.

He earned his stripes as an auditor in Perth, Sydney and Canberra and by providing audit services, company secretarial support to junior explorers and innovating the financial report process for listed companies. Now he wishes to redefine the traditional audit role by bringing the full weight of his strong IT background to bear on the quality and turnaround time of the services that he can perform.

Crunch believes it is now time to assemble an audit team to meet the needs of the modern, fast paced world we find ourselves operating in. Our team focuses on using innovative processes to provide an impressive turnaround time with maximum partner level input.

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