Sporting Clubs

We adopt and audit approach that acknowledges most sporting clubs have concerned members and committees with limited financial experience.

Experience in auditing sporting clubs reveals certain qualities about clubs that must be considered if the audit it to be optimised. Those factors include:
Strong financial literacy on the committee cannot be assumed;

  • Performance at the AGM is a factor for the auditor as well as the committee;
  • Value for money ranks high on the list of qualities for the auditor;
  • An informative and engaging auditor’s management letter is often a help to the treasurer when he/she fronts both the committee and the AGM;
  • Separation of duties can be trying in an environment when often one employee is having to wear many hats as part of their job;
  • Often the audit adjustments provide a less profitable position than the committee and members might have been expecting; and
  • Trading Statements are required to be separately shown in the financial statements, a process which will require the allocation of costs across such profit centers as Bar sales, Kitchens/Galleys, equipment rentals etc

At Crunch Auditing, our team has has years of experience in tackling a great range of issues that often arise within sporting clubs. Committees should be confident that when you engage Crunch, the occurrence of a Sporting Club specific issue will not result in a drawn out audit due to a lack of experience on the auditor’s behalf.


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